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Best and worst dressed at the Academy of Country Music Awards

Country music award shows usually provide one of the fashion world’s biggest concentrations of glitter, loud colors, ruffles and rhinestones. Oh, and let’s not forget the big hair.

So it was a bit disappointing to see so many subdued, neutral gowns on the red carpet for Sunday’s Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. In Las Vegas! Where are the glitter cowboy boots? We know they’re available for sale in every hotel.

Then, along came Katy Perry in the cheesiest, most Katy Perry cowgirl outfit to ever hit the Las Vegas strip, and of course it was designed by Jeremy Scott. Perry even brought Scott along with her, we assume to highlight the ensemble’s distinguished provenance.

A few other ladies veered away from the apparent color code of black, white or champagne, some with more success than others.

Meanwhile, the gentlemen, as country singers often do, attempted to add some flash to the traditional red carpet wardrobe. For future reference, adding flash to the red carpet is almost universally a bad idea for a male country singer. Just copy Tim McGraw and you’ll be fine.

Click through the slideshow to see the best and worst red carpet looks of the evening.


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