Brothers to go head-to-head in Monday’s NCAA title game

Villanova’s Kris Jenkins and North Carolina’s Nate Britt – legally brothers – will play against each other in the national championship game Monday.

The two met as AAU teammates in Washington D.C., when they were 10 years old and spent their early years playing together in high school as well. Jenkins was adopted by Britt’s family with the Jenkins dealing with a family matter.

Britt won Gatorade Player of the Year in Washington D.C., when the two were sophomores. Jenkins won the award when they were juniors and seniors. Britt chose North Carolina while Jenkins picked Villanova.

Now the longtime teammates and brothers get a new experience in playing against each other. They haven’t spoken to each other much leading up to Monday.

“I hope he plays well and he’s injury free,” Jenkins said. “I’ll talk to him today or tomorrow. We’re getting ready to play each other. He wants to beat me just as badly as I want to beat him. Maybe before the game, give him a hug. Tell him ‘Have a good game.’ We talked about this happening. But what are the chances? It’s special to us.”

Britt said there are pros and cons to playing for a national title against your brother.

“It is a win-win for our family and I think at the moment it would not be a win-win for Kris and I,” Britt said. “Obviously, whoever wins the game, the other one is going to feel bad and that will be permanent bragging rights for the rest of our lives.”


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