Ex-Cowboy Greg Hardy: ‘I’ve never put my hand on any women’

Greg Hardy was one of the NFL’s most polarizing players in 2015, with his signing by the Dallas Cowboys largely condemned after his well-publicized domestic violence case.

That included a four-game suspension to start the season after it was reduced from 10 games on appeal.

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In a new interview with ESPN, Hardy – who is currently a free agent – maintains his innocence, going so far as to claim he’s never laid a hand on a woman.

“I’ve never put my hand on ANY women, … In my whole entire life, No, Sir,” Hardy told interviewer Adam Schefter in an excerpt provided by ESPN.

“That’s just not how we’re raised,” Hardy said. “As you can tell, like I said again, it’s the Bible belt. It’s just something that’s, I wouldn’t even say frowned upon, just something that’s nonexistent in most southern homes.”

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When Schefter pressed Hardy about graphic photos of ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder’s injuries that were published by the website Deadspin and asked Hardy to explain the contradiction with his innocence claim, the defensive end responded with a confusing answer.

“I will stop you there and say that I didn’t say that I didn’t do anything wrong,” Hardy said. “That situation occurred and that situation was handled but … saying that I did nothing wrong is a stretch but saying I am innocent is correct. Yes, sir.”

Schefter then asked Hardy if he ever put his hands on Holder, and Hardy replied “No, Sir … No, Sir.”

Hardy was convicted by a judge in 2014, but under North Carolina New, he appealed and asked for a jury trial. The chargers were dismissed when Holder failed to appear in court. She reportedly later agreed to a settlement with Hardy

The interview will air in its entirety at 1:30 p.m. Central time Tuesday on ESPN’s “NFL Live.”


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