Gulf storm likely to hit Texas coast by Wednesday


A tropical disturbance could make landfall as early as Wednesday afternoon as a Tropical Storm Cindy, according to the National Weather Service. As of Tuesday, the storm still remained nameless, but meteorologists predicted it had more than an 80 percent chance of turning into a tropical storm. 

The disturbance’s predicted arrival and likely upgrade to a tropical storm comes shortly after another disturbance in the Atlantic was upgraded to a tropical storm named Bret. It’s still too early to say when and where Bret may land. 

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The most recent forecasts as of Monday afternoon showed the storm likely to become Cindy rumbling north of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. It is expected to make landfall near Houston and then curve east away from the city as early as Wednesday afternoon.

Dan Reilly, with the National Weather Service, said tropical storm conditions will be possible for portions of the upper Texas coast Wednesday and Thursday.

“Exactly where those conditions occur will depend strongly on the track which remains uncertain,” he said.”  

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He said locations near and east of the storm’s direct track can expect heavy rains and gusty winds with relatively little impact west of the track, which includes areas of Houston.

However, weather experts say it is important to realize that a tropical cyclone’s effects can span many hundreds of miles from its center.

Officials at Harris County Homeland Security and Emergency Management said they are gauging the storm’s potential impact before activating the county’s emergency management response.


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