Retired Soccer Champ Abby Wambach Charged With DUI

China v United States

Abby Wambach of the United States is introduced before the women’s soccer match against China. Christian Petersen / Getty Images

Wambach, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, retired last October, just three months after she played on the U.S. women’s team that beat Japan 5-2 in the World Cup finals.

Since retiring, Wambach has

actively campaigned for Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton and pushed FIFA, the international soccer association that has been under fire over allegations of widespread corruption, to include more women on its executive committee.


Fan Influx Hasn’t Bridged Soccer’s Alleged Gender Wage Gap

Wambach’s arrest comes three days after several of her former teammates

announced that they were filing a wage-discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that will seek pay that equals male players.

Support pours in after US women’s soccer team files complaint for equal pay 0:41