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Texas is among the most efficient states when it comes to public spending

When it comes to how taxpayer money is spent across the nation, you might feel a little more comfortable giving money to a Texas city than anywhere else. A new study ranking metro areas by public spending shows Texas cities are among the most efficient, getting the most bang for your buck.

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Wallethub ranked 78 metro areas to find which cities are spending public money with the best return on investment. Texas dominated the head of the list with Houston, Dallas, El Paso, Austin, San Antonio and Lubbock all ranked among the top 20.

To determine the ranking, the site examined spending in education, law enforcement and parks and recreation. The Texas cities generally had the most efficient spending in the parks and recreation department, with Houston topping that category. While El Paso was the 5th most efficient city in the law enforcement category, Austin was deep in that department at 52nd among the 78 ranked.

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